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Alttra, S.A. de C.V. is a Mexican company specialized in the fabrication of expanded metal sheets and metal lath, expanded steel (metal deployé), coils and fabricated products with expanded metal and perforated metal.

Founded in 1979, alttra is now the 2nd. Largest producer in Mexico, and one of the biggest in Latin America. Nowadays it has two production plants: one in the suburbs of Mexico City area, and the main one, with headquarters offices, located just outside of Queretaro, Mexico. This second plant is just half a mile from the main NAFTA highway that communicates central Mexico with the northern border cities such as: Nuevo Laredo (Laredo, TX.), Ciudad Juarez (El Paso), Reynosa (Mcallen, TX) as well as fast communication with many other cities across the USA-Mexico border.

Alttra is a ISO 9001:2008 certified company with a lot of experience in exporting products to the USA market, Europe and Central America. We have been exporting hundreds of containers in the past years, and we have the ability to produce models under imperial system of units (inches, feet, lbs., etc), and also in to metric system (mm., cm., mt., kg., ton., etc.).

Our production capabilities give us the versatility of producing from sheet, (type used normally in the USA market), as well as from coil (normally used in Europe, Asia, and some Central America countries), and since Mexico is one of the countries with more free trade agreements all over the world, must of our products can be imported to a lot of countries with no duty, or a very low one.

Importing expanded metal has never been so easy and cheap (we have similar prices to CHINA). We have plenty experience exporting, we can take care about everything!.

Our ability to produce finished products includes: cut to size, forming, perorating and finishing (powder coating, anodizing, galvanizing, nickel and chrome plate, etc.), opens a wide variety of products that allows us to produce at very competitive prices so that the customer can receive it finished and packed, ready to use. See finished manufactured product.

Send your requirements, we will quote them according to your needs, and FOB your warehouse, so you will buy like from a locally supplier.


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