Expanded Metal Alttra





The following diagrams and abreviations are widely uses all over the world, and provide to the user as well as to the producer, the necessary information to fabricate the desired product.


SWD = Short way of diamond or pattern.   /   SWO = Interior meassure of SWD
LWD = Long way of diamond or pattern.  /    LWO = Interior meassure of LWD
STRAND WIDTH= It the amount of material feeded in each stroke, and gives you the separation between openings of 2 consecutive diamonds.
STRAND THICKNEES= It means the thickness (gauge) of the material used to produce the expanded metal, it can be reduced if material is ordered flattened.
BOND= Intersection of 2 diamonds, is normally twice the strand with.
GAUGE=  Thickness of raw material used to fabricate expanded metal.
RAISED OR REGULAR EXPANDED (MR)=  This material exactly how it came out of the machine, with level difference between patterns. Better for load applications.
FLATTENED EXPANDED METAL(PR)= This is a process done after the expanded, in which material passes through 2 big rolls that eliminates the raised parts of the material and leave the surface complete flat. This process reduces the gauge or thickness of the material, and opens the diamond between 5% to 10% in the direction it was flattened.

The following two diagrams, shows the different types of expanded process, type A in figure 1, shows expanded made out from raw material in individual sheet forme, this type is widely used in the USA, and generates some scrap wich is the part of the sheet that can not be processed. The type B in figure 2, shows the expanded made for coil (Reverse diamond for the USA). This process is more popular in Europe, Mexico and a lot of countries in Central and South America as well as in Europe. The scrap is not present in this type of process. Both types perform almost exactly for must of the applications.


The following diagram show us the 2 types to cut expanded metal sheets or parts, The random cut is normally made in a shear and it is used for more accuracy in size of the sheet or part, but this King of cutting leaves sharp edges at the end cut. The bond cutting is made in the expanded machine, it leaves the diamond closed and no Sharp edge using this cut procedure, but normally the tolerance is bigger in this type of cutting process.



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